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Everyone's sense of humour is different. My favourite joke goes like this:

A Jew walks along next to a cliff and falls over the edge. Half way down he manages to hang onto a branch. He looks down to the valley floor, hundreds of feet below and looks up to the top hundreds of feet above. He decides to call out to Heaven for help.

"Is anyone there?" he shouts

Suddenly he hears a great voice that booms out "Have faith and let go."

He looks down again, and calls out "Is anyone else there?"

You may not share my taste in humour, so I have relegated these items that tickle me to the outside shed. But you may like at least some of what you find stashed away here.

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The panic that swept the western world as the year 2000 approached was founded on the fear that all computer systems would suddenly break down as so many had only two digits available to record the year. We were asked to suggest solutions - click here to read mine.