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Bedroom 3


These novellas probably reflect some of my longer term obsessions and interests although I hope that that will not spoil your enjoyment of the stories.

Bedroom 3 The First Junior Story Letters To Moses Seen Through Glass Auguries The Intertwined Garden Of Remembrance Kovacs Diary Of A Gentle Spirit Musicians Notes Auto Destruct Leader Of The People New Utopia Poles Apart
Bedroom 3 Map

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The First Jewish Story

This is the root story, the foundation tale, underlying Judaism. However, although the account in the Torah seems comprehensive, it did not make sense to me. There was too much happening back then to include all the characters and I strongly suspected that the redactors ignored much of the contributions made by women. So I set out to retell the story to include absolutely everything described in the Pentateuch but imagining what had been omitted in the original account. Click here to read