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The library contains what little I have written that could be regarded as "philosophical".

Understanding Learning is the nearest I ever got to writing a book about what I have spent most of my life doing - teaching and working as an educationalist.

Creativity and Language encapsulates much of my fascination with the creative process and my attempt to describe and explain how I believe language functions.

Measuring Creativity is an account of work I undertook with the remarkable company, Salamanda Tandem.

Breath Classification was sent to the Iyengar Institute by my yoga teacher who said they wanted to publish it so as to help other cardiac patients (I have no idea if they actually did).

Burrowing all the way back to my days in Cambridge where my theorising seemed to perplex my tutors led to Gavin Mackenzie (my final year tutor) asking me to try to formulate the foundations upon which I grounded my critiques. A couple of years later I managed to work it out in ‘Playtime’ – some of which is re-presented in the Time folder.

The Letters to Moses were my structured attempt to undertake a dialogue that gave reality to my Judaism.

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