WELCOME TO MY HOUSE. You are free to enter any of the rooms and borrow any material you find there. If you decide to quote text, copy graphics or play any of the music, it would be courteous to acknowledge the source (raykohn.com)

When I constructed this “house” as an autobiography, I regarded each “room” as of equal importance. But now, in what is probably the last phase of my life, I have come to regard the world of music, within which I have lived in my imagination and in sound since childhood, as the most significant.

So before you go exploring the house, you may like to visit this chamber of music within which I spend most of my time

Afterwards, if you click on the front door and walk up the stairs, you will be able to read a chronological set of statements that most closely resemble a chapter by chapter account. However, you are free to explore any of the rooms at any time where different aspects of my life are revealed. As my visual design skills are severely limited, my artist daughter Ruth supplied the images. Paul Winterman of Sugarcaneweb.co.uk provided the technical expertise to make the website work. I hope you find the house an enjoyable place and some of the contents of interest.

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